With over 15 year experience working in the digital landscape, I have held positions in digital product management, web and mobile analytics, project management, online and digital marketing, website design and development. During each of those positions my focus became mostly concentrated toward quantification of success by using data and analytics.

Over the past few years I have been heavily involved in areas of digital analytics. I’ve worked on multiple analytic package migrations and implementations, measurement strategies, teased data and insights from marketing campaigns and digital product usages. Additionally, I have negotiated analytics, tag management and data related vendor contracts to reduce operating cost.

My deep interest in web analytics has allowed me to become a subject matter expert. In addition to my current full time position I am also teaching a course in Digital and Web Analytics at Hofstra University.

My goal is to enable digital organizations and teams to make the best use of their data, I achieve my objectives by working on measurement strategies that impact the bottom line, working on capturing the “cleanest” and most meaningful data possible, assist in uncovering insights and making actionable recommendations to decision makers.